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Nashik is one of the most important cities in Maharashtra and is well-known for preserving the heritage and culture of the Maratha Empire. Nashik is a beautiful city and offers the perfect choice for a weekend getaway from Pune. Referred by many as the Wine Capital of India, Nashik is the perfect place to visit in Maharashtra. When you visit this jewel city, stay at The Ren Hotels to make your stay enjoyable.

Places To See In Nashik

When in Nashik, here are some of the places you must pay a visit to:

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Sula Vineyard

The Sula Vineyard is one of the prominent reasons why Nashik is known as the Wine Capital of India. the beautiful lush green vineyard is one of the largest wine producers in Nashik. It is also in close proximity to our hotel in Nashik.

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Shirdi Temple

The memorial for the harbinger of humanity, Sai Baba, the Shirdi Temple is a pious and holy place for most people in and around Nashik. A sacred pilgrimage for devout Hindus, this temple is a must for those exploring the culture of Nashik.

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Trimbkeshwar Temple

This ancient Hindu temple is located in the town of Trimbak in Nashik. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas or symbols of Shiva's radiance. The river Godavari also originates near the temple, making it an important site for pilgrimage in Nashik

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This tiny hill station in Nashik is home to the famous Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre which teaches the art of Vipassana to students. Some of the important tourist spots here include Tringalwadi Fort, Bhatsa River Valley, Ghatandevi Temple and Girisagar Waterfall.

Nashik is a quaint town that is rapidly becoming one of India's smart cities. With a blend of old-world heritage and modern development, Nashik is worth a visit when you are visiting Maharashtra. If you are looking for premium accommodation in Nashik with world-class facilities, stay at The Ren Hotels and make your visit to Nashik a spectacular one. Located in close proximity to Sula Vineyard, our luxury business hotel in Nashik is sure to add the perfect touch to a fantastic vacation. Visit Today !